Future Of Macomb

  Many residents have voiced deep concerns for a focused plan for the infrastructure of the townships future. We have many true items that must be addressed with the design for the future growth and true alleviation and flow of the townships needs.

We must have a plan that focuses on the townships needs for the roads, bridges, sidewalks and overall layout of plans and enhancements along with maintenance and flow improvements.

The township must continue to work to strengthen the water systems throughout the township with proper pressures. We must work together to combat the issues with our roads and increase the overall options to all of the thoroughfares both north and south and east and west to be a fluid travel options for our residents in the community for complete access , which will increase the overall response of our public safety services for the residents.

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We will and must continue to constantly review and enhance our community services through aggressive and cost effective, open, honest and transparent bid processes that benefit the community and the well being of the residents and the overall expenses.

The Community must pull together and set long term, well defined options for our seniors and community activities and a defined center for the benefit of our seniors due to the lack of community enhanced and directed option. We must look forward to the positive forces that our seniors have contributed to the great developments of Macomb Township.