About Mark

In 2008 Mark Grabow ran for and successfully become the Macomb Township Supervisor. He ran the Township for four years with great success in the hardest of times during the economic fall. Mark has a strong belief that if we take care of OUR Township, we take care of ourselves!  As a lifelong resident, Mark realizes that it is time for a change in the governing of this great community. Mark wants to address issues of fair practice, the building and supporting of small and large business alike, and the needed improvement of our roads.  One of his greatest concerns is the issue of public safety.  In this difficult economic time, he also knows fiscal responsibility and accountability are very important to the residents and to the future of Macomb Township. Mark believes all residents should be treated with respect.  He is passionate in that the Macomb Township Supervisor Board of Trustees, including the Supervisor must work as a team with the people that elected them into their positions.  He feels that the Board and the people of the community must work as a team to improve the community.

“I believe the way you learn and know, is to live and understand”- Mark Grabow



“The biggest asset is the people of Macomb Township. Collectively working together without party lines is crucial and most responsible as all views matter!  I truly believe that we can make great things happen in Macomb and be a new shining star of Macomb County!  It is important that all people work together for the overall benefit of the community not the benefit of a few.”- Mark Grabow.



Mark Grabow, 48, was born on the family farm in Macomb Township.  Raised by hard working parents, Mark and his five siblings were taught about hard work and family values at an early age. His parents taught him that no matter what path you take in life honesty, integrity and total commitment were the measures of success. During his high school years Mark was a member of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Department Explorers program in which during the summer months he worked with the Marine Division. Mark enjoys his participation with the Macomb County Sheriff Department programs and continues to work with the Explorer program, as options permit, remembering the lifelong friends and experiences that he gained as a member. Through this program (a chapter of the Boys Scouts of America), Mark realized that public service, especially law enforcement, were of great interest to him.

Mark attended the New Haven Community Schools for all but his senior year in which he attended and graduated from Anchor Bay High School in 1986. The same year Mark obtained a license to drive a school bus becoming the youngest to do so at that time.  This was the beginning of his career in the transportation industry.  He also worked as the personal chauffeur to a prominent local family.

Staying close to his dedication to public service, Mark was hired as an EMS/Fire Department Dispatcher by Ruehle‘s Ambulance Service which is where he met his future wife, Kimberly. Mark has spent over 21 years in the EMS and Fire Service. Mark was a paid on call Firefighter/MFR for the Macomb Township Fire Department for 17 years prior to taking office as the Township Supervisor. Mark and his amazing wife Kim, have a total of almost 30 combined years with the Macomb Township Fire Department.  Mark still holds the rank of Firefighter and Medical First Responder.  He has numerous licenses and certifications from the Macomb County Fire Training Academy and Macomb County Community College in Fire Service, Emergency Medical Service and Managerial Programs. He was also a member in good standing with the Michigan Association Fire Fighter (M.A.F.F.). His wife, Kim has the permanent honor of being the first female firefighter of Macomb Township and also was the Medical Training Officer. Along with that she held a Registered Nurse, Paramedic and Instructor Coordinator License and was with the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center as the lead RN.

Since 1988, Mark also held a full time job with the DuPont Corporation. For 20 years, prior to an early buyout, Mark had managed the warehouse group responsible for handling inbound/outbound logistics of materials and the vehicles used in the transportation of all hazardous and bulk materials along with semi and finished products

Additionally, Mark operates Brentwood’s DET, a luxury transportation company founded in Macomb.  In 1997, Mark along with presidents and CEO’s of several transportation specialists formed the “Great Lakes Limousine Association”.  Since its conception Mark has worked tirelessly to organize and establish industry standards all in the interest of public safety.  The Association has been responsible for setting standards for safety, exposing companies that operate illegally and companies that unethically monopolize sectors of the business population through kick-backs, political favors that are often seen in the operation of airports and municipally owned venues.  The unionization of livery owners in the Association has provided them to participate in governmental changes that affect the industry.

Despite the demands of his work and professional organizations, Mark always finds the time to participate in charitable community events. His caring and generous nature along with his strong commitments to home and family, are the forces that keep him involved. Recently, he and Kim made a sizable donation to the Senior Citizen’s Group of Macomb Township in an effort to help the seniors purchase an Automated External Defibrillator for the Senior Center.  This decision came after the Township Board and its current Supervisor denied the purchase.  Care House, a center for abused children, Michigan Special Olympics, and the Macomb County Sheriff’s Association are just a few of the local charities and fund raisers Mark participates in. Mark now heads one of the more recognized community organizations that is located in the township, Rotary Club of Macomb, a direct division of the Rotary International. Mark has a special place in his heart for seniors of this community!


Mark and Kim have a 16 year old son, Dustin who is a sophomore at New Haven High School. One of Dustin’s future aspirations is to be a firefighter like both of his parents but to be full time. He also hopes to one day take over the family transportation business.

Sadly, Marks’ wife, Kim, unexpectedly passed away on September 25, 2008. Kim shared the same passion that Mark does of making Macomb Township a better and safer place to live. Kim, like her husband and many of the township residents, felt that Macomb Township is in need of a leadership change. She believed that Mark would be the Supervisor that the residents can count on to fulfill this. Kim knew that with Mark in office, with his approachable personality and willingness to listen, that change for the betterment of the township and its residents would be able to take place. She encouraged and supported Mark to run for the Supervisor position of Macomb Township. In honor of his loving wife, Mark will continue with this journey that they started together. To continue with Kim’s legacy of generosity and passion for education he has set up a fund in her honor. Donations can be made to the Kimberly Grabow Foundation.